TV everywhere at any time on every device!

Streaming your content globally to any consumer on any device has never been easier.

Motion Plus Media offers an end-to-end solution for operators such as ISP’s, Telco’s, Cable Companies and Content Aggregators who want to stream Live TV, Video-on-Demand and other interactive services to end users in any IP-based network, to any device at any given time.

Welcome in the multiscreen world!

In a about four years time a massive shift has taken place within the TV industry. Moving away from controlled and fixed TV network environments into the cloud has taken many TV operators by surprise. We now live in a world were video is consumed on multiple screens and on a variety of networks. Consumer behavior on a global basis is changing much faster than the global television distribution industry, propelled by the smartphone that is becoming the remote control for your life. Unless players in the TV space recognize the changes that are taking place and adapt accordingly, a close to 200 billion euro market can be lost forever to faster competitors. If you want to be in front of this OTT revolution just contact Motion Plus Media and we can give your content a multiscreen upgrade.


  • IPTV/OTT platform
    The IPTV platform is the central component in the IPTV ecosystem and handles all communication between client devices, VOD servers, CA systems, payment systems en and all other external systems.
  • Set-Top box
    Set-top boxes have over the years evolved from a simple device to the centre of the living room. Our compact MP504 HD compatible set-top box, combined with our complete IPTV middleware and OTT software platform, is a cornerstone in the connected TV world arena.
  • Set-Top box Interface
    The IPTV and OTT platform will give users the flexibility to view content on any device. Most consumption however will still happen in the living room where our GUI can be localized in any language and even be customized to give it your corporate look and feel.
  • Mobile interface
    Our mobile phone interface is performing on both Android and IOS smartphones. By making use of HLS we are able to supply quality streams for Live TV, Video on demand from free to air to premium content.
  • PC or Tablet
    Our interface works in any browser and enables you to stream to PC, Tablet or any laptop so you viewers may enjoy the latest sitcom or blockbuster movie, if needed protected by encryption software.